‘Unreasonable Impact’ a project for accelerating entrepreneurs by Barclays creating a positive social and environmental impacts around the globe

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Our projects are to explore new technologies and share them with the public. Through Unreasonable Impact, the next wave of disruptive companies offering the potential to reshape the future. We are exploring what the future’s going to look like, and realising that the future is nearer than we think”

Daniel Epstein, Founder and CEO – Unreasonable Group

Unreasonable Impact is a cutting-edge partnership between Barclays and the Unreasonable group. The global program helps scale growth ventures addressing global challenges that are critical to creating the jobs of tomorrow. Barclays is committed to facilitating entrepreneurs and their businesses by extending a variety of services which might help companies at every crucial stage of their development from start-up to scale-up, to IPO. The project is a vital one for encouraging the entrepreneurial community across the world.

It’s estimated that the global economy will need over 300 million new jobs to accommodate current unemployment, supplement anticipated job loss resulting from industrial automation, and provide opportunities for the upcoming generations. Researchers found that 47% of jobs which exist today in the united states won’t exist by 2035. The goal of their partnership is to scale up companies which can create 500 jobs in the next five decades and do this with sustainability in the heart of their profit models.

The project is the world’s first international network of immersive gatherings focused on scaling up entrepreneurial solutions. It assists them while solving a number of our most pressing social challenges by employing tens of thousands worldwide. The project includes a collection of programmes held in various places around the world which encourage the scale of the growth phase of ventures by supplying entrepreneurs with resources, mentorship and network of support they needed.

Consequently, some of the companies asserted they’re affecting the world with the solutions for your future with next-generation technology. One of them, Arcola Energy is focusing on hydrogen and fuel cell technology which can let buses to travel 200 miles at zero emissions, with the capability to move into clean energy for trucks, trains and ships. Another one, Heaven Springs, believe in the reality that 5.3 billion individuals will face acute water scarcity. Presently, just one percent of the water from the air is utilised. Their solutions can extract drinking water from humidity through a wide range of innovative and affordable equipment.

These companies have collectively reduced 28.8 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions, sold 3.3 million sustainable goods, redirected 275 million kilograms of waste, and brought modern, cheap energy services up at 142.3 million people. Unreasonable Impact will continue the support for businesses in future. The key feature is the project is currently running involving Barclays’ crews from the participant selection to hands-on advice and mentoring. As of now, Unreasonable Impact has supported over 100 companies which have created 20, 067 jobs since the inception.

In total, what Barclays is doing with their customers every day is attempting to help them grow and scale-up. Through these partnerships, they are working with companies who aren’t only scaling up but additionally focused on solving some of today’s most complex social issues. The project was chosen as one of the best by the US Chamber Foundation at the category of Economic Empowerment Program in 2019.

Read more: https://home.barclays/news/2018/11/if-ever-there-was-a-time-to-be-unreasonable-its-now/

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