Tata Consultancy Services and Discovery Education Launch Ignite My Future in School to Prepare K-12 Students with Digital Skills for21st Century Career and the New Economy

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In today’s digital economy, computational thinking is as foundational as reading, writing and math. We are excited to partner with the State of Wyoming, empowering educators and preparing students to be future ready.

Balaji Ganapathy, Head, Workforce Effectiveness, TCS

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2020, there will be one million more computer science-related jobs compared to graduating students qualified to fulfil them. Ignite My Future in school changes by equipping today’s pupils, and tomorrow’s workforce, with the resources and training to think computationally. Tata Consultancy Services is dedicated to preparing the next generation of young innovators by offering resources to foster their creativity so they can find solutions to social challenges.

TCS and Discovery Education have joined forces to establish a new initiative to alter the way students across America. The project is to employ and learn computational thinking, a foundational 21St-century skill for careers in every sector. As like thinking, computational thinking is a higher degree process student can decode problems and form innovative solutions. It’s seven aspects that are collect data, analyzes data, find patterns problems, abstract, build models and develop algorithms. Ignite My Future in School lesson plans incorporate computational thinking in core subjects and align with existing education standards. Teachers get Free practical professional development, and it introduces parents to computational thinking through Ignite my future in community school nights.

They believe computational thinking is the foundational skill which will prepare today’s students to be employable in almost any career. More than 1.5 million out of the 50 million K-12 students are learning any form of computing skills, while only 10, 000 of 3.1 million teachers are equipped to teach computing concepts. The eLearning Module is giving teachers the knowledge they will need to empower students through computational thinking. It helps to infuse computer science with regular subject instruction. The Ignite My Future in School e-learning module is accessible to all teachers and providing a guided on-line introduction to computational thinking courses, which can be completed in one or multiple internet-based sessions.

The Webinar Series is persuasive webisodes will feature topics about calculus thinking brought to teachers by thought leaders in the education sector. Instructional classes and content will provide faculty with an opportunity to leverage novel teaching approaches in their classrooms; the show was designed to encourage increased student participation and achievement. Ignite My Future in School assembles on TCS’s strong global community initiatives which have inspired over two million young men and women in STEM education and careers. TCS is a founding partner for just two national mentoring initiatives in the US, US2020 and Million women mentors. TCS flagship student engagement program, TCS goIT, has engaged over 12, 000 middle and high school students. T covers across 54 cities in the US and Canada with hands-on experiences in computer science, inspiring them towards tech careers in most sectors. This project is making the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals easier to achieve by boosting the quality of education. By 2021, TCS aims to have an impact 20, 000 teachers and one million students.

To learn more about Ignite My Future in School, go to ignitemyfutureinschool.org.

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