Ride Safe India – A Hero Motocorp CSR Initiative Towards Safer Roads in India

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Ride Safe India A Hero MotoCorp CSR initiative for safer roads in India impacting the lives of millions. It is a flagship program of Hero MotoCorp and is driven by the goal of making India’s roads safer and bring down the number of fatalities. The goal of the Ride Safe India campaign is to create a safe ride a part of everyone’s agenda and conversation of youth across the country. India earned the first ranks for the number of roads crash deaths as per the WHO Global Report on Road Safety of recent years. Statistics state that almost 11 percent of injury-related deaths in the world are credited to India. 

Hero MotoCorp is the world’s largest manufacturer of two-wheelers and has its existence in 35 states and sold over 70 million two-wheelers. The company has identified three many causes that compromise road safety in India, which are negligent driving, lack of consciousness and poor infrastructure. Throughout the campaign, they are encouraging what constitutes Right Road Behaviour – wearing a helmet, wearing seatbelts and assisting a road crash victim. The campaign includes helping individuals in learning safe riding habits to inculcating a state of mind about safe practices on the road right from young ages. 

The campaign has different initiatives such as Hero School Contact Programme, that is a massive scale pan India initiative to impart knowledge and develop an attitude among children from grade 5 onwards. Another one Hero Ice Card is a distinctive downloadable Emergency access App to serves as a screen saver on the cell phone and gets activated in during an accident and notify the emergency contacts with essential details. 

Hero Safety Parks is a tool where Hero MotoCorp is adopting parks and within them, creating Safety Education Programs. Those programs include creating familiarity of all Road Signs, Do & Don’ts on the road as well as sessions on promoting safe driving. Along with it, a Hero Two-wheeler Ambulance service has been set up for quick action. It’s stationed at all high accident zones & junctions so that it can help save lives in the Golden Hour.

The campaign has the following allied projects to cover up the unexplored issues related to road safety.  

– Project Safe Ride: Manage seven traffics coaching parks throughout the country which undertake two-wheeler riding coaching for school and college students and also the general public. Those parks would aim to address one of the root causes of the road deaths that is driver error.

– Project Catch Them Young: Team RSI has established Road Safety Clubs in many colleges, developing a platform for constant involvement with kids to sensitize them about road safety. The project support Student Police Cadets who not only propagate the road safety message but can also be taking part in character development and leadership building practices.

– Project Be aware, be safe: a multi stakeholder-oriented campaign and impacting with innovative content on road safety through both mainstream and other media and on-ground activities. 

Hero MotoCorp has been actively working with many state police departments on ride safety training programs. It partners with local Traffic Polices in its state-of-the-art Traffic Training Parks in various cities across the country for road safety awareness initiatives. It includes exclusive Road Safety programs for many large companies across the country to improve the safety of their two-wheeler consumers.

Hero launched #BeARoadHero 2.0, a next-level campaign by calling all Road Heroes to combine the ride and safety activities to outreach further. Virtually, millions of youth are promoting the Cause of Road safety by going viral in various social networking platforms. The project was selected by Economic Times Now in their CSR Leadership award in the Road Safety category.

For more details:  https://www.heromotocorp.com/ridesafe/

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